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the muzzle of the ar●quebus.The weapon has an extremely flat traject●ory, but it is improbable that the small diame▓ter of the bullet would stop an Arab ▓r


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t found its billet in a vital ●part.Its penetration into wood ●is such that simple stockades, or even old bri▓ck walls, would be vulnerable befo▓re the new rifle.The number of rounds carried i▓n the magazine is ten.Much str●ess is now398 laid on “field-firing” against▓ targets with unknown ranges, arrang▓ed as far as possible under service condit▓ions. Long-ranged fire, even up to 3000 mèt?/p>

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tried in France, but in Engla●nd there is a tendency, with many ▓officers, to deprecate the use of ▓small-arm ammunition at extreme ranges. The ●general direction of the improvement ▓in firearms is to lessen the size of the bore▓ and increase the flatness of the traj▓ectory.Thus the high-angled fire of the S●nider, converted from the muzzle-lo●ading Enfield, was changed for the Marti●ni-Henry, in every way a more deadly weapon, and● this, as has been already remarke▓d, has given way to an even smal▓ler bored rifle.And with the i●ncreased rapidity of fire and ●the larger number of rounds of the lig▓hter ammunition that can be carried,● the bayonet, t

hat was lengthened in 1878, w▓as reduced to its present dimensi●ons. Muzzle-loading guns have ▓been replaced by breech-loaders, and the ste▓el muzzle-loading guns used i●n Abyssinia by screw guns, which can be ●put together and fired within a minute● from the time the two mules, which carry▓ the parts, halt. Machine guns, such as the▓ Gatling, Gardner, and Nordenfe●ldt, will probably give way to ●the automatic Maxim. Since the campaig

n ●of 1870 to 1871, greater attention has ▓been paid to visual signalling by flag or flash,▓ and the field telegraph is mu●ch more actively employed, and accompanies, as▓ far as possible, the army up to the point ●of attack. In England, considerable ●attention has been paid to night mar▓ching and night attacks, as being the only metho▓d under favourable circumstances of crossing▓, unseen, the fire-swept zone now so much more● extend


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ly. Balloons▓, captive and free, form part of the equipm●ent of


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an army corps, and officers are trai▓ned both in their use and in

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nd S▓uakin, but are difficult to man●age in windy weather, as they

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d in 1877 to● all but Highland and Fusilier Re●giments; and since that date the ●Rifle headdress has been res▓tored, as well as399 the pecu▓liar shako of the Highland Light Infantry▓.Bad

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